A Guide to Improving Gut Health by Identifying Food Sensitivities

A Guide to Improving Gut Health by Identifying Food Sensitivities


Understanding the intimate connection between your gut health and the foods you consume can be a significant step towards improving your overall well-being. Many of us live with discomforts that we haven't identified as symptoms of food sensitivities. Yet, these sensitivities can profoundly affect our digestive health, leading to a range of symptoms and potentially exacerbating underlying health conditions. At our core, we are dedicated to shedding light on how your food choices impact your gut health and, by extension, your overall quality of life.

Our approach is rooted in evidence and driven by a commitment to providing personalised health solutions. By identifying specific food sensitivities, we can help you take control of your digestive health through targeted dietary adjustments. This proactive stance is not just about alleviating symptoms but is aimed at facilitating a transformative lifestyle shift that enhances your gut health.

Understanding the Connection Between Gut Health and Food Sensitivities

The link between gut health and food sensitivities is pivotal yet often overlooked. Through our comprehensive testing, we have discovered that many symptoms attributed to other health issues may, in fact, stem from undiagnosed food sensitivities that impact the gut. A healthy gut is essential for overall well-being and optimal functioning of the immune system, and when food sensitivities disturb the gut's functionality, it can lead to broader health issues.

Food sensitivities occur when our bodies react adversely to certain proteins in foods, leading to an inflammatory response. This inflammation can affect the lining of the gut, resulting in impaired nutrient absorption and disrupted gut bacteria balance. This disruption can cause a cascade of health issues not limited to the digestive system but inclusive of one's overall health and immune response. By identifying and addressing these food sensitivities, we can support the restoration of gut health and enhance our clients' quality of life.

Key Symptoms of Food Sensitivities Impacting Gut Health

Recognising the symptoms of food sensitivities that specifically affect gut health is crucial in managing and mitigating their impact effectively. Here are some of the most common signs that may indicate the presence of food sensitivities:

1. Bloating and Gas: Persistent bloating and gas after meals could indicate a reaction to certain foods.

2. Diarrhoea and Constipation: Inconsistent bowel movements are often a red flag for food sensitivities affecting the gut.

3. Stomach Pain or Cramps: Regular occurrence of gut pain or cramps after eating can be symptomatic of food intolerances.

4. Fatigue: Chronic tiredness linked to eating specific foods might also suggest sensitivity.

5. Skin Issues: Conditions like eczema or acne can sometimes be exacerbated by food sensitivities.

These symptoms can vary widely in their severity and frequency, but they all potentially point towards underlying food sensitivities that are impacting gut health. We recommend clients experiencing any of these symptoms to consider food sensitivity testing, which can identify specific dietary triggers and pave the way for effective dietary modifications and improved health. By addressing these symptoms proactively, we help clients regain comfort and control over their health.

How Our Food Intolerance Testing Works

Understanding what your body can and cannot tolerate can be life-changing, especially when it comes to improving gut health. We utilise advanced technology in our ISO-certified laboratories to conduct comprehensive food intolerance testing. The process starts with a simple blood test, where we look for specific antibodies in the blood that are present when the body reacts negatively to certain foods. These antibodies, specifically IgG antibodies, are reliable indicators of food sensitivity.

The accuracy of our testing process ensures that we pinpoint the exact foods causing discomfort or harm. This detailed analysis allows us to provide a personalised report to each user. This report not only highlights the intolerable foods but also offers alternative options to ensure the individual doesn't miss out on essential nutrients. Armed with this information, it becomes significantly easier for individuals to adjust their diets accurately and improve their overall health.

Tailoring Your Diet to Improve Gut Health Based on Test Results

Once the test results are in, the next step is to adjust your diet to eliminate or reduce intake of the identified triggers. Here’s how you can effectively use the information from your food intolerance test results:

1. Eliminate confirmed triggers: Begin by completely removing foods identified as irritants from your diet for a period to see if symptoms improve.

2. Gradually reintroduce foods: Slowly reintroduce eliminated foods one at a time, monitoring any symptoms or reactions. This helps pinpoint the specific foods that you can tolerate and to what extent.

3. Diversify your diet: Replace eliminated foods with nutritious alternatives to maintain a balanced diet. We provide suggestions for alternative sources of nutrients to ensure you do not suffer from deficiencies.

By personalising your diet based on our comprehensive intolerance testing, you not only improve your gut health but also enhance your overall quality of life. Keeping your gut health at its best has profound effects on your energy levels, immune system, and emotional well-being.


Addressing food sensitivities is a crucial step towards maintaining optimal gut health and enhancing one’s quality of life. With our ISO-certified testing and comprehensive analysis, we’re equipped to provide you with precise information about your body’s tolerances. Understanding your personal dietary needs allows you to make informed decisions that lead to a healthier, more comfortable life.

Take charge of your health and enhance your well-being by considering getting tested with Armstrong Health's detailed food intolerance test kit in the UK. Don’t allow unidentified food sensitivities to disrupt your life any further. Reach out to us today and embark on your path towards a happier, healthier you.