craig armstrong

Craig Armstrong Health & Nutrition Specialist (MSc, BA)

Craig is the founder of Armstrong Health. He is a Nutritional Physiologist and an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Physiology.

Armstrong Health was set up in 2013 with the aim of improving the health of the general public. Over the years our physiological assessments and clinics have grown exponentially. Our clients range from professional footballers to individuals that simply want to get fit and healthy.

What makes our testing better than others on the market?

We use a quantitative laboratory test that detects the presence of IgG food-specific antibodies to over 200 foods from a single finger prick blood sample. Our test is a diagnostic aid to the treatment of immune response related food sensitivities. It is a unique product, based on microarray technology, offering significant benefits over traditional plate-based ELISA tests.

Food extracts are ‘printed’ onto nitrocellulose pads on a glass microscope slide, together with calibration standards and controls. A blood sample provided by the patient is diluted and dispensed onto each printed microarray. Food IgG antibodies, if present, bind to the food extracts and the results are measured by a high-resolution scanner, before being calibrated against the standards using the reporting software to give quantitative results. This software then produces a tailor-made report of the final food IgG
antibody result for each food on the requested food panel.

Are you bloated, suffering from IBS, experiencing stomach cramps or suffering with other symptoms?

If so, we can help. Each intolerance test comes with a follow-up online consultation with our team of qualified nutritionists and a individualised meal plan designed based on your results and goals. If you are a professional athlete, we have a proven track record in football, rugby, running and triathlons that uses science to get you those marginal gains. From running events to triathlons, football, rugby, boxing, mixed martial arts and more. If you’re training for a sport, our bespoke plans can help you achieve your objectives.

A few of the many symptoms we can treat:

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Are you experiencing stomach pains or bowel dysfunction? The foods you eat can be a major, contributary factor.


Tired all of the time? Do you find yourself lacking energy in the morning or afternoons? The foods you eat can seriously affect your levels of fatigue.

Bloating / Wind

Do you find yourself feeling bloated or particularly gassy, even when you think you are eating sensibly? This could be linked to a food sensitivity.

Joint Pain

Reduce your joint inflammation by cutting down on the foods your body doesn’t agree with. 

Skin Problems

Itchy & dry skin, eczema and acne breakouts can often be attributed to eating the wrong foods.


The foods you eat can actually give you a migraine. Identifying your food sensitivities can help to reduce the risk.


Tired of not sleeping? Find out if this is down to the food you consume.

Acid Reflux and Indigestion

Find out if the foods you’re eating is causing acid reflux.

Respiratory Problems

Shortness of breath and other respiratory issues can be enhanced due to a bad diet.

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure spikes can be caused by a whole host of foods and drinks. Find out which ones are causing your blood pressure to rise.

Why Choose Armstrong?

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