Hi there! Have some questions about our company? Find the answers below. 

How long does it take for the results to come back?

Once you have had your blood test, at home or at a clinic, you can expect your results within 7-10 working days.

How is the nutrition plan generated?

Your individualised nutrition plan will be devised by our fully qualified nutritionists and physiologists. Your food intolerance results, together with you goals and targets will be taken into consideration when designing your nutrition plan.

What makes Armstrong Health Specialists different to your standard nutritional business or food intolerance testing company?

It is well-known that standard nutritionists design nutrition plans only based on your target, goals, lifestyle and your likes and dislikes to food. We are all individuals at the end of the day therefore a one diet fits all approach will not work with every client. With thanks to scientific advancements over the last few years Armstrong Health Specialists can dig extremely deep into the clients physiology. We can therefore identify exactly what is going on inside the clients body and piece together what factors/ parameters need improving. We can identify which foods suit your body the best, through our food intolerance testing; identify how fast or slow your metabolism is, get an in slight into your genetic profile through our nutritional DNA analysis, and also look at how your general health (cholesterol, blood sugars, thyroid, iron, vitamin D etc) can be improved through our Health check MOT.

How long until I will see results from following the nutrition plan and eliminating the foods that I am intolerant to?

Every client is different therefore a definitive time frame is difficult to suggest. However, through controlled removal of the intolerant foods, clients should see an improvement in their condition within the first month.

How long should I follow the diet for?

The initial nutrition plan should be followed for 4 weeks. After this, you will have the option to continue the process with an updated nutrition plan based on your progress and feedback (and other physiological assessments if needed).

What if I don’t like any of the foods on the plan?

All of your likes and dislikes to food will be taken into consideration when our nutritionists design your nutrition plan. Your results can be followed up with a phone/ Skype conversation with one of our nutritionists/ physiologists, therefore any questions you may have can be dealt with during the consultation. Subsequent changes to the plan will be sent over immediately.

Does the initial skype call with the nutritionist/ physiologist cost?

No, there is no additional cost for this service

How do I take my own blood?

A leaflet will be sent out detailing how to undertake the test. An instructional video is also available on our website with exact instructions. We also have a useful video showing how to do your home blood test over on our youtube channel.

Why is this method more accurate than other food intolerance tests on the market?

Armstrong Health Specialists analyse IgG antibodies. When comparing IgG with other blood markers such as IgG4, IgG show strong reliability and reproducibility  factor, which is significantly higher than other analysis methods. In short, results from IGG blood markers are the most reliable.

What happens to my data once the bloods are taken?

Our up-to-date GDPR guidelines ensure that our clients data are extremely safe and meet the highest level of protection. We will not pass on any information to third parties.

Where can I read more about the science behind food intolerances?

We have a range of research papers available. See links below.

How will I receive my results?

You will receive a detailed test report via email. You can find a sample test report on our product page.