DNA Based Nutrition Test

Are you constantly feeling tired, even after getting 8+ hours of sleep?

Does your training partner always seem to recover faster than you, even though you have been training together for years?

Do you always seem to pick up "niggles" when exercising, meaning you're always out of action for a day or two?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then the answer to your problems may lie in your DNA and with our new test, we can analyse your DNA to identify a range of factors including:

Training exercises

 The best training exercises to suit your body

Best time of day

The time of day your body performs the best

Burning fat and carbs

The optimum way for your body to burn fats and carbs


How much sleep your body needs


Which vitamins you are deficient in

Caffeine sensitivity

How sensitive your body is to caffeine

Coeliac disease

Your chances of being diagnosed with coeliac disease


How quickly your body can recover from exercise


Whether or not you are injury prone and from what exercises

Stress management

How well you can handle stress

Bone density

Your bone density

Your genetic predisposition to obesity

Your genetic predisposition to obesity

Health MOT

Our health screening assessment focuses on identifying risk factors for potential ill-health, and suggest areas to enhance wellbeing.

What we check:

Personal Medical History and Lifestyle Questionnaire

This helps us understands all the factors influencing your health so that we have a strong foundation to make positive changes.

Body Composition

We work out the percentage of lean muscle mass verses overall body fat composition, which can help you specify your goals and identify areas of improvement.


Evidence strongly suggests that high cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death both in the UK and worldwide. Our full lipid profile test identifies the exact levels of good and bad cholesterol in your body.

Blood Pressure

Many people have elevated blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke. We will manually measure your blood pressure to ensure that blood pressure is maintained at a healthy level.

Kidney Function

The liver is responsible for functions vital to life. The liver primarily processes nutrients from foods, removes toxins from the body and builds proteins. It breaks down fats, and converts glucose into energy stores and produces hormones. It also helps the body fight infections.


Over half a million people in the UK have diabetes without knowing it. With a thorough blood test, which gives an average diabetic count of the previous 3 months, we can identify if your blood sugar levels are too high, indicating possible diabetes risks. From these results we can help you manage your blood glucose levels through a tailor made nutritional plan.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency anaemia is a condition where a lack of iron in the body leads to a reduction in the number of red blood cells. Common symptoms include tiredness, lethargy, lack of energy and shortness of breath. With a simple blood test we will be able to identify whether you are anaemic. If so, our individualised nutritional plan would then be tailored to naturally.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 plays a really important role in red blood cell production and helps your nervous system to function properly. Vitamin B12 levels are important for aspects including boosting your energy, improving your memory and helping to prevent heart disease.

SpO2 and Pulse Check

This non-invasive assessment measures arterial blood oxygen saturation, together with your pulse rate (resting heart rate). This can be used as a tool to measure your fitness levels and also to ensure that your normal body function is keeping up with the demands of your body (i.e. blood flow to organs and muscles).