After taking one of our intolerance tests, we developed a nutrition plan for Chris based around the results, his goals, lifestyle and food likes / dislikes.

  • 7 stone weight loss
  • 42% body fat reduction
  • Completed Ironman Wales (twice)

He went from eating pasties, pastries and burgers on a daily basis to a diet tailored to him and between his hard work, dedication and proper nutrition; the results speak for themselves.


Here are some fantastic statistics about Emma’s transformation:

  • 66lbs (4.7stone) loss
  • 52% body fat reduction
  • 6 month time difference

This amazing transformation was achieved by Emma’s dedication following a specific nutrition plan that was designed around her food intolerances and also her lifestyle.


  • 10 STONE weight loss
  • 44.3% body fat down to 12.9% body fat

What a journey it has been. Shaun has done a phenomenal job over the last 2 years and has seen a dramatic improvement not only in his aesthetic appearance, but also his physiological health and physical fitness. 

Shaun began his journey through undertaking a food intolerances assessment to identify any foods that was holding him back. Once identified, we then designed a specific nutrition plan geared around Shaun’ likes and dislikes, family life, and targets. The initial weight loss of around 6 stone came primarily through nutrition alone, with very minimal exercise. Following this phase, we then concentrated on more specific training that allowed Shaun to do a mixture of body weight exercises, weight training, along with cardiovascular exercises such as running and cycling. 


  • Over 5 stone weight loss
  • 49% decrease in overall body fat

Sophie gave birth nearly 9 months ago, and here are the results of what can be achieved through clean eating and training 3-4 times a week. When we say clean eating, Sophie actually still has a few biscuits with every cup of tea, and a few cheat meals per week 😬🙈

Sophie now consumes in excess of 2100 calories and yet has still managed to lose a huge amount of body fat and weight.

Diet and training gets affected massively once you have children (trust me- I know 😆), yet Sophie has managed to find a healthy balance in her lifestyle which has given her great results, both aesthetically and physiologically. 


What a pleasure it has been helping Lee Trundle get down to 8.4% body fat. Not only has Lee lost a huge amount of body fat but his pure muscle mass has increased significantly.

Prior to starting our programme, Lee had a food intolerance test due to him having some digestive issues such as IBS and bloating. After eliminating his trigger foods, and following a specific nutrition plan, Lee managed to get rid of all his symptoms in a matter of weeks.


Rebecca initially came to us for help with her IBS, joint problems and chronic fatigue. After eliminating her food intolerances, Rebecca managed to significantly improve her symptoms within a matter of weeks. Another nice side effect from following our plan was that she lost nearly 3 stone in body weight!!

This is what she had to say:

“After failing to get an answers from doctors for years I went to see Craig. I was constantly tired, feeling bloated, having muscular pains and just generally feeling rubbish about myself. From a simple blood test he identified I was intolerant to a number of foods. He then designed a food plan for me to follow and it’s the best thing I ever did. I now feel a 100 times better. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone.”


5 months later- 4 stone weight loss!!!

Awesome work by our clients Jesse who has lost over 4 stone in body weight, and 38% of his total body fat.


Another fantastic transformation from our client Debbie!

  • Healthier
  • Fitter
  • Stronger
  • Huge decrease in body fat
  • Weight loss 

Awesome work Debbie!!


Here is a fantastic transformation by our client. The crazy thing is that we were not looking to change aesthetically, but to improve performance. Not only has Lee successfully completed Ironman Wales last weekend, but he has also dropped over 2 stone in body weight whilst doing so. 

Next up... some more triathlon events leading up to another Ironman next year!


With 39% loss in total body fat percentage, Lisa has done a phenomenal job in transforming her aesthetical appearance. 

Even with working long shifts, we were able to design Lisa a specific nutrition plan that suited her lifestyle and enabled her to prepare meals that were simple, easy and time effective, but at the same time healthy and nutritious!


7 stone off in 7 months!! Unbelievable work Phil!

A simple change in diet and lifestyle can create one hell of a transformation. From identifying his food intolerances, and following a training and nutrition plan, Phil has managed to lose a stone a month. What an achievement!


Melanie has adopted a healthier way of eating, far from her old habits of cutting carbohydrates and skipping meals. Melanie now realises that carbohydrates are not the enemy and are essential for fat loss and to achieve a healthier body. She now eats double the amount of food than she used to, whilst continuously losing body fat and weight. 

Her body fat percentage has decreased by 47%, with a body weight loss of nearly 3 stone. Great work Melanie!


Scott has decreased his body fat from 12.1% down to 4.6%, which is a staggering drop of 62% in relative terms.

An individualised physiological approach to his training and nutrition has enabled Scott to train efficiently and effectively. 


What an amazing transformation by our client @kirstythomas1 

  • Over 3 stone in weight loss
  • No more bloating
  • Loads more energy
  • Huge reduction in body fat

Kirsty achieved all of this through following a detailed nutrition plan and also cutting out here food intolerances. Kirsty took the test from the comfort of her own home and simply posted back the sample to us for analysis. 10 days later her plans were ready and her transformation began! 


  • 5 stone loss in 6 months
  • 41% relative loss of body fat
  • Stronger
  • Fitter
  • Healthier 

What an outstanding achievement from Gareth. A huge transformation both aesthetically and physiologically


Mererid has lost a huge 42% of her body fat. Her weight however has remained fairly consistent, indicating a good increase in muscle mass.

Mererid also suffered with extreme bloating and stomach discomfort. Her individualised nutrition plan based on her macros, food intolerances and metabolism helped eliminate these symptoms.


This is what a 56% drop of overall body fat looks like!!! Great work Dan Fox 💪

Dan initially came to us last year with a goal of improving his physical performance. Not only has he achieved this, but his aesthetical appearance has also improved massively.


There is only 5 weeks between these pictures during which time Kelly has continued with the same exercise regime. The difference has been Armstrong Health Specialist’s nutritional intervention. By identifying her intolerances and introducing foods that Kelly’s body could tolerate better she has managed to drop over 17% body fat and at the same time keep her weight constant. Kelly’s bloating, along with feeling tired all of the time has significantly improved. All this in only 5 weeks!