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Core Intolerance Test- Foods Tested

Premium Intolerance Test- Foods Tested

Vegan Intolerance Test- Foods Tested

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our testing better than others on the market?

We use a quantitative laboratory test that detects thepresence of IgG food-specific antibodies to over 200 foods from a single fingerprick blood sample. Our test is a diagnostic aid to the treatment of immuneresponse related food sensitivities. It is a unique product, based onmicroarray technology, offering significant benefits over traditionalplate-based ELISA tests.  Food extracts are ‘printed’ onto nitrocellulose pads on aglass microscope slide, together with calibration standards and controls. A bloodsample provided by the patient is diluted and dispensed onto each printedmicroarray. Food IgG antibodies, if present, bind to the food extracts and theresults are measured by a high-resolution scanner, before being calibratedagainst the standards using the reporting software to give quantitativeresults. This software then produces a tailor-made report of the final food IgGantibody result for each food on the requested food panel.

Is there a simple way of determining which test to take?

The choice of test is patient specific and depends on their needs, symptoms and budget. The Core test detects food-specific antibodies to 60 different foods. The Premium test detects food specific antibodies for 209 different foods.

What evidence can you provide to show the efficacy of the testing?

The successfulness of a diet based upon the measurement of IgG antibodies specific for food components has been demonstrated in several conditions, both in independent studies and clinical practice. Excellent results have been obtained particularly in patients with migraine and IBS. Head over to our FAQ page to read more on this.

How does a food sensitivity test work?

The test works by measuring blood levels of IgG antibodies. IgG antibody formation is triggered in response to contact with specific food proteins (antigens) to which they bind and together form an immune complex. These complexes may be deposited in tissues and when formed in excess and faster than the immune system’s ability to remove them efficiently, inflammation and the development of associated symptoms may be triggered due to activation of the complement system. The symptoms will depend on where in the body the complexes are dietary elimination, deposited. From the results of a food sensitivity test an IgG dietary elimination for the program can be designed. Removing problematic foods allows for the breakdown and elimination of existing complexes and helps to limit the formation of new complexes to a manageable level of tolerance.  It is important to recognise that symptoms, even digestive symptoms, are not always caused by an IgG response. Other things to consider,which are not food related, include inadequate digestion, dysbiosis,candidiasis, parasites, intestinal infections, a poorly balanced diet, excessexercise, food intolerance, coeliac disease, alcohol consumption, stress, orthe effects of drugs and medications may all contribute to symptoms as well andshould be considered before recommending at test.

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We send you an easy-to-use kit to collect your blood sample and post to our lab in the prepaid envelope provided.

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Follow-up with a phone consultation with a nutritionist.

Every person is different and has a different physiological response to particular foods, so by testing for your bodies food sensitivities, we are able to tailor a nutritional plan that is optimised for you.

  • Test 200+ foods
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